Information Technology Student Alliance

Our goal is to unite IT/CS students not only with professors and potential employers, but to also encourage students to network with each other, and pursue many of the opportunities currently happening at LCC and within the community.

No matter where your interests lie in technology field, ITSA has something just for you: even if you are just getting started in your field!


ITSA is a relatively new RSO dedicated to the advancement of IT students. Since Spring Semester 2013, ITSA has been making waves at LCC's West Campus.

We have:

  • Held events that connected recruiters and students
  • Had individuals from their respective fields give presentations about what it takes to do their job
  • Provided workshops to bolster internet presence, and utilize social media platforms to obtain employment.
  • Attended conferences to meet some of the industry's best, in order to pass on information to the students.

Executive Board

Our executive board comprises of ITSA leaders and ITSA advisors. Our advisors are the pillars connecting the student body and the faculty. They engage students in learning, promote students' academic success, and personal growth. ITSA leaders on the Board are dedicated to serving the interests of our CIT students through strong leadership and commitment.


  • Sarah Linz

    Sarah Linz

  • Brendan Fleishans

    Brendan Fleishans

  • Kit Clark

    Kit Clark



  • Devera Henderson

    DeVera Henderson

  • Nyanontee Cooper

    Nyanontee Cooper

    Recruitment and Marketing
  • Shanaz Mohamed

    Shanaz Mohamed

    Retention and Fellowship
  • Tamara McClintic

    Tamara McClintic

  • Priscilla Nunez

    Priscilla Nunez

    CIT Liason